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Rhonda Y. Williams

Do you give little regard to yourself when serving others?
Have you ever found yourself saying, here is one more thing on my plate I don't have time for?
Do you find yourself frustrated with your team performance?
Do feel disengaged because you don't have the support you need?
Does it seem like if you don't do it, it won't get done?

Leadership is a privilege and an honor. Yet, there is often a high cost of leadership including long hours, thankless decisions and frustrating outcomes. A dream life for me is about helping you minimize the cost of leadership while maximizing the benefits of serving others. In my opinion, leaders deserve to have a dream life too.

I help leaders reduce stress, increase confidence and maximize effectiveness while protecting their sanity. I take leaders from overwhelmed to overjoyed… so they can live the Dream Life.

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Leaders want results. How can you love leading again while enjoying the amazing personal life you deserve? Let’s get to the heart of the problem. The Leadership EQ Assessment is based on research-proven emotional intelligence leadership (EQ) principles. Take the assessment to start your journey to next-level leadership.

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Case Study

Meet Sandy

The Problem

After several emotional outbursts on the job, I was asked to work with Sandy. Sandy had been a member of the close-nit team for several years. She was dedicated and very intelligent. However, she felt like an outsider as she believed there were several cliques on the team and she felt excluded. Sandy’s response to this was a natural one. Try harder she told herself. She signed up for extra project and took on more responsibility and consistently put in extra hours. Sandy was exhausted, overwhelmed and it was clearly beginning impact her effectiveness and her self-confidence.

The Solution

We focused on several areas with Sandy.

First, we worked self-awareness to include self-confidence. Sandy needed to see herself as others began to see her.

Next, we focused on self-management. I helped Sandy see the critical flaws in her approach and we worked together to develop a strategy that helped her refocus her efforts in a way that allowed her to work much more efficiently.

Finally, a part of becoming integrated in any team is understanding and respecting the team dynamics. We developed strategic ways to help Sandy fit into the team as a natural course of the work day instead of trying to force a fit.

The Result

Sandy became more confident in her decisions, committed to managing her day in a way that allowed her to be home and present with her family in the evening and began to form some strategic relationships within the team.

Note: As with all clients, names and companies have been changed to protect confidentiality.

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Rhonda is an expert in helping leaders shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Using the foundation of emotional intelligence she uses her proprietary methodologies to help position leaders to live the life they deserve.

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