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We are a leadership development firm specializing in helping leaders shift from overwhelm to overjoy so they can live the dream life every leader deserves.

Unlike other leadership development companies, we help our clients leverage emotional intelligence and the UCR Advantage method so they can expertly handle conflict, confidently establish boundaries and never again make their family suffer the cost of leadership.

Rhonda Williams is a dynamic leader, author, speaker, trainer and coach.  With more than a decade of leadership experience, Rhonda now uses emotional intelligence to help other leaderslove leading again.

Rhonda holds a double master’s degree in nursing and business administration and her professional experience includes executive level roles as Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Executive Officer.

An Executive Life Strategist, Rhonda is known as “The Dream Life Coach” and is unapologetic about helping leaders transition from the life they live… to the life they love. She is the author of Are You Out of Your _ _ _ _ Mind?A Modern Guide to Successfully Surviving Infidelity?,The Dream Life Roadmap: 10 Essential Factors for Creating Your Dream Life, and The UCR Advantage: How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence, Fast!

Experience life with your full mind, body and spirit. Set sail and set course, navigating all obstacles that emerge. Embrace each experience and continually add tools to your life toolbox. When you do, you are truly living.


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