6 Career-Killing Mistakes Leaders Make!

6 Career-Killing Mistakes Women Make

6 Career-Killing Mistakes Women Make

Date - 16 January 2019

Most women start each day with positive intentions fully determined to deliver their best for themselves, the organization and the team. They do so often unaware of the hidden pitfalls that can derail their progress.

Today you can decide to take the next step in your leadership by increasing your awareness of these pitfalls and taking action to avoid or remedy them.

Join me for this free webinar where I’ll outline the 6 Career-Killing Mistakes Women Make and more!

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • 6 Career-Killing Mistakes Leaders Make
  • Why women make these mistakes
  • What these mistakes look like in action
  • Strategies for how you can avoid or overcome these mistakes
  • Success stories of leaders in action

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