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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

10 Week Leadership Enhancement Course

In this 10-Week leadership development program, leaders begin to imagine the dream life they desire and deserve. Leaders learn strategies to create the shift required to move from overwhelmed to overjoyed to make these dreams a reality. Operating from a power position, leaders use tactical strategies to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm. Additionally, leaders refocus on leading in a way that celebrates others, builds trust and increases productivity all while protecting their sanity. This course is great for those who prefer not to travel and enjoy the convenience of online work while still engaging in robust learning and sharing opportunities.

How Will You Benefit

Leaders enrolling in the Imagine the Dream leadership development program can expect to leave the program with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. We have married the essentials of emotional intelligence with proven leadership principles. The dynamic partners of mindset and strategy refocuses each client on the effective leadership skills required to manage stress, improve outcomes and prioritize the wellbeing of the leader and the team.

Leadership is hard but ineffective leadership is even harder. Leaders cannot afford to take their positions for granted. The saying goes… what got you there won’t get you there. Depending on your leadership aspirations,and I assume they include being effective while fostering your love of leadership, I’m confident this coaching program can help.

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Your Investment Includes:

• Personal Coaching Calls (2)
• Group Coaching Calls (5) – Ask questions, make comments, get a sense of community and learn from others.
• Visioning – We help clients re-imagine what it means to love leading again.
• The Current State – Leaders take an honest and open look at the current situation analyzing the greatest opportunities for change.
• Goal-Setting – We understand the importance of goal setting in creating and sustaining change. Leaders target their specific areas of concern that will become the focus of the remainder of the program.
• Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – Leaders learn why increasing emotional intelligence is critical for effective leadership.
• The UCR Advantage – Clients learn my proprietary system for working through challenges in the moment and retrospectively.
• LAD Learning System – During the course, clients use my proprietary learning system LAD to progress from learning to execution.
• Email Accountability10 Weeks (Daily and Weekly) – Helps you stay focus on the plan while providing individualized accountability.

What they are saying… 

• After our sessions, I feel like I can fly!
• Rhonda was knowledgeable and very personable!
• Rhonda is such a powerful force… we are lucky to have her!
• Rhonda, thank you for your leadership!

Target Audience for This Course

Those who:
• Really want to love leading
• Are struggling with communication
• Are experiencing more conflict
• Feel overwhelmed
• Have difficulty being “on” 24/7
• Have teams not meeting productivity standards
• Operate in environment with silos
• Desire to have breakthrough leadership
• Are working an increasing number of hours
• Are feeling more negative and disengaged
• Are experiencing low confidence
• Are not sure how to turn things around
• Find themselves irritable or overreacting
• New or aspiring leaders

What to Expect from Our Time Together:

Week 1 – The missing link: how emotional intelligence helps improve leadership effectiveness.
Week 2 – Introducing the UCR Advantage and how it will immediately help create the shift you need in your career and personal life.
Week 3 – Focus on assimilating the key principles learned so far and setting goals for the remainder of the course.
Week 4 – Deep dive into the foundational skill you will use own the power position moving forward.
Week 5 – Practice, application and accountability.
Week 6 – This week builds on the knowledge gained in week four and adds the next skill leaders need to continue their desired shift.
Week 7 – Practice, application and accountability.
Week 8 – In this week, we add the final skill. Leaders continue growing in confidence armed with this new practical but effective strategy.
Week 9 – Practice, application and accountability.
Week 10 – In this final week, summarize the process leaders will use moving forward highlighting key missteps that could derail the process.

You should expect to walk away with…

• YOU as a priority
• Understanding of how to lead from the power position
• Confidence that you can handle any situation
• Effective strategy to navigate difficult situations
• A focus on building trust and relationships
• A strategy that allows you to love leading again
• An understanding of the role emotional intelligence plays in leadership
• The keys to building resiliency
• A commitment to protect your sanity