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Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreats

Imagine the Dream

Imagine the Dream is a 3-Day Leadership Retreat where leaders begin immediately making the shift that will create the framework for improving leadership effectiveness and reigniting their love of leadership. During this retreat, the goal is simple… to embed the key leadership skills that help you unlock innovation, tackle challenges, manage your mindset and create a roadmap that reflects your vision. Leadership is not about being overwhelmed and frustrated. Leading the Dream helps leaders release the GREAT leader that lives within by engaging in strategies that are simple, powerful and effective.

How Will You Benefit

Leaders enrolling in the Imagine the Dream Intensive Retreat will leave energized and inspired realizing their leadership dreams can become a reality. They move beyond the typical boundaries that create the stress and chaos leaders face every day. Whether dealing with too much on your plate, a rapidly changing industry, 24/7 expectations or lack of team support, the Imagine the Dream retreat helps prepare you to emerge victoriously.

Our focus on service inspires leaders to reconnect with their passion… the true reason they decided to become a leader. There is no award given for leaders overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout. It is up to each leader to elevate their own self-awareness and make the hard call. We engage the leader in activities designed to intentionally and unapologetically approach the future with positivity, determination and a renewed sense of purpose.

I’m reminded of the quote from Robin S. Sharma: Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.

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Your Investment Includes:

3-Days of intensive leadership development based on my proprietary emotional intelligence leadership system and research-proven leadership skill development.

• Day 1 – Accelerating Understanding – Leaders immerse themselves into the strategic and proprietary analysis system that spans the current state to the desired future. Leaders leave day one with clear goals and an understanding of the role of hidden fears.
• Day 2–What are you really saying? – Leaders perform a gap analysis and work through the intricate details of what they intend to express versus how they are actually being perceived. Leaders reflect on and challenge the effectiveness of their communication and analyze how it is impacting performance and ultimately results.
• Day 3 – Intent without Action is simply BS. This final day creates the necessary alignment between the leadership skills learned during Day #1 and Day #2 while introducing a 3rd skill necessary to complete the leadership effectiveness cycle. Alignment between all the skills is where the magic of leadership lives. Leaders create a 90-day results plan that combines execution, accountability and evaluation that serves as a turbo boost to ongoing results.
Tools and Resources – to support your ongoing journey to Imagine the Dream

What You Will Say Following the Workshop:

• The skills are simple and powerful
• Wow, I see things now I did not see before
• I recognize my contribution to the chaos
• I’m so excited to get back to the reason I became a leader

Target Audience for This Course

Those who:
• Have a desire to make leading simple
• Have difficulty getting to the root of the problem
• Find themselves being more autocratic and less democratic
• Enjoy interactive lessons and learning
• Find their confidence wavering
• Often upset others when communicating
• React before thinking
• Have emotional outbursts
• Hold onto grudges when they feel wronged
• Feel the need to be “right”
• Believe they are “supposed” to be available 24/7

What to Expect from Our Time Together:

Each day is filled with action-packed, energizing learning that re-awakens leaders to the full potential. Each day focuses on a key aspect of the emotional intelligence trifecta critical for leadership success.

Day 1: Imagine, assess and build self-awareness and social-awareness skills
Day 2: Reflect, analyze and build effective communication skills
Day 3: Recognize, own and align actions that create positive outcomes for yourself and the team

You should expect to walk away with…

• Reconnection with why you choose to lead
• Strategies for managing mindset
• A sense of freedom to live and lead
• A roadmap to get past your major challenges
• Understanding of the 3 essential components of effective leadership
• Strategies to breakthrough leadership fears
• Skills for managing conflict
• Skills for leading with inspiration and influence
• Recognizing the one person blocking your success
• A commitment to acknowledging and praising others around you