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Simplify to Soar

  • Simplify to Soar

    I took a mini-vacation recently.

    I spent 5 days in beautiful Phoenix followed by 2 days in Dallas for a workshop. As I relaxed at the amazing Camelback Spa, I thought about how complex life can sometimes become. I also thought about how magnificent and simple life felt at that very moment.

    I'm sure you can relate. It may be that you have several very complex projects happening all at once. It could be that some of the work flow processes for your team have become very complex. What happens when you are juggling everything at work and your personal life gets a little hectic too?

    My own personal experience is that when things get really complicated, I find myself being less effective. With so much going on, my brain is constantly trying to keep up. I tend to be less focused and a bit more scattered. Additionally, when I make processes too complex for my team, they seem to struggle too.

    Sometimes we need to simplify to soar! I'd like to share with you 7 steps to help you do just that.

    So going into 2019, where is your opportunity to simplify so you can soar!

    1. Choose an area for focused simplification – What one or two areas would be greatly improved if simplified? Is it in your personal life, your professional life or both? It is easy to overcomplicate things, so what decisions can you simplify?

    2. Eliminate – We tend to add, add, add. For the 1 or 2 areas you identify, where are the opportunities to eliminate? Just because you have always done it, doesn't mean you should continue to do it.

    3. Automate – How can technology support you? What are you doing manually that could be automated? Technology is your friend... embrace it.

    4. Delegate– How are you inspiring, empowering and growing others around you by delegating? When you hold on to it all, not only does it increase your workload and stress level, but you also rob those around you of reaching their growth potential.

    5. Manage Expectations – At times, you may have the perception that you have to do it all. These expectations can be very heavy. Additionally, you may have too many expectations of yourself. Do a bit of self-reflection and self-evaluation. How can you better manage expectations for yourself and from others?  

    6. Solicit Feedback - Seek other opinions. You'll find your team may have great ideas on how to simplify and improve efficiency.

    7. Reward Progress – Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. With yourself and with your team!

    So, are you ready to simplify and get laser focused for 2019?
    All the best with leading the dream life!


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