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Let Rhonda provide the motivational spark your group needs to dream bigger, reach higher and achieve more! As a motivational speaker, Rhonda uses her years of executive, leadership and consulting experience along with her own entrepreneurial journeys to excite and inspire to the endless heights that can be achieved through leadership. Because leaders deserve a dream life too!

Whether you want to inspire your group to improve collaboration and productivity or encourage them to seek life balance, so they can be the best they can be, Rhonda has a message that will get the job done!

Meet Rhonda Y. Williams, MBA, MSN, RN

Rhonda is an expert in helping leaders shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Rhonda is an author, dynamic speaker, and coach. She is the creator of The UCR Advantage and the RACCE leadership coaching methodology.

Rhonda currently resides in Florida and travels. Leaders are engaged and inspired by her leadership knowledge and her ability to make things simple. Her interactive style draws leaders into the conversation creating a powerful connection that leaves leaders with tangible strategies they can use immediately.

Leaders are inspired by Rhonda’s personal journey. They appreciate and connect with the transparency on display as she shares her story. Rhonda did not set out to become a leader. She simply wanted a way to care for her family. Other leaders began to see something in her she did not see in herself and she took advantage of every opportunity as they presented themselves. Rhonda continued climbing until she became the Chief Nursing Officer and eventually Hospital CEO. Rhonda tells the story of her own personal and professional challenges she experienced as an executive. With never-ending determination, she overcame these challenges and came to understand and embrace her true passion… helping leaders.

Rhonda’s presentations and workshops are designed inspire leaders to unlock the GREAT leader within them. Daring them to reach new heights as they begin the journey to love leading again. All while giving leaders the strategies and skills they will use along the way.

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